Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Live, die and pay taxes

Yep, what a title huh?

It has been a long time since I blogged, but things just don't seem to be very happy around here. After mom passed away, the kids and I went through quite a sad time. We were all looking forward to a new year.

So how did this year start off- like doggy doo! Dh and I had some problems- I actaully asked him to leave for awhile. We are working through all of that, and he did move back in 2 weeks later. Things in that department are getting better.

I found out that I had Pre-Cancerous cells on my Cervix- scared me for 2 weeks while I waited for the test results! I have had the Out paitent surgery for it, and now it is just a wait a see thing. I have to go back for check ups 4 times this year, and then twice a year until the doctor says all is ok.

I get to go back and have another Mammogram done in 6 month's. There was an enlarged lymphnoid on the left side they want to check again. I guess it isn't anythoing to worry about, but they just don't know me do they!

So much for life! Now for death, unfortunatley! Yes, we lost another person in our family. My brother Jon passed away the day before my surgery. He had a heart attack and passed away in his sleep- luckily they said he didn't suffer. I couldn't make it to the funeral- it was in Wyoming. My older sister said it was quite nice. We all want to have the same kind of service we had for my mother- cremation, and then a party afterward. No tears, just lots of happy memories.

Oh, and we can't forget taxes. I am sitting here waiting to find out how much we are goingot owe this year. They called once today, but weren't quite done yet- needed to know a couple more things. I hope we don't owe this year, but I have a feeling we will!