Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I hate waiting! I have to wait another 36 hours before I find out if DH gets a new job! It is driving me crazy! I so want him to get out of the line of work he is in now- Car Stereo Store Manager for 3 stores. He works about 12 hours a day six days a week.

I also have somethings coming in the mail- but of course I have to wait. I don't know how long it will take to get something form Brazil. I was mailed a week ago, why isn't in here yet!

Speaking of mail- I sent some packages out last week that still haven't made it to Canada! Come on- they are what 30 minutes from my house! Your going to tell me it takes over a week to get there! Heck, I could have walked them there by now!

Ok, so I am being a tad bit impatient today. Guess I should go take a chill pill and relax. Hey wait, some body(Annette) sent me that cute pattern, I could go stitch it! Oh yeah, stitch has been cut to the bear minimum latley too. I really think that is what I need to do! I am going to stitch today- well that and take care of the kids, the dog, the cats, the DH, and .....

Friday, February 20, 2004


Sometimes they can be such a pain! Ok, so I haven't blog in for ever! I just have been so busy with the kids and the hubby I jut have not had time- so for you Angi here I go!

Last week we had the fun of trying to keep DS on the couch for a while. He was shoveling snow for the neighbor, and fell and pulled his groin. Have you ever tried to explain to a five year old, that he can't keep getting up and playing even when he feels better! Not a great job!

Dh has been bouncing off the walls because of a couple of phone calls he has received in the last 2 days. I am not going to say any more, in fear of jinxing it! Will let you all know later!

DD's have all been fun in their own ways! #1 has a boy that likes her, but he can't let anyone else know(he is a Senoir and she is a freshmen) I am hoping they keep this relationship just this way for the rest of the school year! I am so not ready for her to start dating!!

#2 is still having a hard time with girls at school- she is liked by all the teachers, and these girls want to be the teachers pet- sorry the job is already filled! You know the teacher likes your kid when he tells you, "She can always make me laugh, even when the rest of the kids are being unruly." She has a teacher that really cares about the whole class, and he is worried about the girls that are picking on DD- he is afraid they are going to be the type that want every thing now, and damn the consiquinces. the Principal has even stated DD is in a class full of "Mean Girls". I guess DD needs to learn to not care about everyone(yeah, like she could do that!), and just worry about herself. It is hard to have a heart as big as her's!

Then there is DD#3- she is learning to talk, and climb! She is getting to be very independent- pours her own milk- all over the floor! She has also decded to eat only what she can get out of the fridge by herself. This means a lot of messes for Mom! Oh well, guess that is what happens.

Other then all of that- life has been quiet! Hope yours has been to bad!