Saturday, November 29, 2003

Where did this all come from?

Today I have the wonderful job of going through my little one's bedroom. I thought I should do this because you can't walk into the room with out stepping on something. I am still trying to figure out where all these toys came from. I don't buy them stuff every time I go out. I have no idea where all of this comes from.

My theory is that it all multiplies at night! You go to sleep and in the morning there are 2 more toys. Not a lot more, just 2. But then you wake up every day, so every day there are 2 more toys.

Right now there are 4 eighteen gallon tubs (the big plastic box with a lid) in the closet, one under the desk and stuff all over the floor. I am going to try to rearrange the furniture to see if maybe we can find some more room some where. Problem being- one crib, one bed, a dresser, bookcase, and desk don’t leave a lot of room for rearranging!

Oh well, I guess we get to spend a lot of quality Mom time today! Either that, or I get to hear- No! Not that toy!! I need that one too! It isn't broken, you can fix it Mom! But that one is my favorite!

Good thing Christmas is coming!?

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Why me... or Why do they have to have half days of school!

Ok, I am sitting here listening to PBS kids shows(not all bad!) while there are 5 kids, one cat and one dog running in and out of the house today! The funny part- 2 of the kids aren't mine! Oh well, at least I know they aren't running the street.

I would really like to go to Michael's today- but with all of these kids there is no way! They would be trying to get me to buy everything in the store.

I would also like to go to Ann Arbor today, Emeril is signing books at the Border's there- with all these kids, erm NO!! Could you just imagine it- 5 kids running around the group of people there to see The Bammer himself- way not what I want to do!

Monday, November 10, 2003

The best ever...

I was just chatting with Angi about concerts and it got me thinking- yes world watch out, I am thinking!- I wouldn't be able to say what concert I thought was the best ever! Now, mind you, I have been to LOTS of concerts! Most of them during the 80's, but some before and some after! I've seen groups from Areosmith to Elvis, Johnny Cash to Elton John, Guns N Roses to Kenny G, or Robert Plant to Reba!

As a teen, I put stages together for a summer. I got paid $300 a weekend to put these things together, and then hang out with the the band! If I wasn't working, a freind of mine was dragging me to them!

I also worked at a Hilton for a year, and got to meet a few bands there- REM, George Thoroughgood, and BB King- he even sang to me! That was a while nother experience!

I even got my picture taken by Tommy Lee of Motley Crue at a concert. It was an all day concert- one of the first ever! Motley Crue, Ozzy, Truimph, Ratt, Accept, and 2 other bands I can't think of right now.

All these great memories makes me wonder- what kinds of bands/concerts are my kids going ot go to? Will I be as easy going as my parents were about it. Or am I going to be one of those Mom's that say, "I'll drive!", and sit some where close, but not right next to them!

Not bragging here, I just want to see the list myself:
Areosmith, Johnny Cash & The Statler Brothers(twice), Elvis, AC/DC(3 times), ZZ Top, Great White, Tesla, Duran Duran(took my sister to that one), Def Leppard(3 times), Motley Crue(twice), Rush(fell asleep because I was really sick), Robert Plant(twice), Guns N Roses, George Michael, Sawyer Brown, Goerge Thoroughgood, REM, Hank Jr, Lenord Skinord(sp?), Rod Stewart, Hall & Oats, Chicago, Van Halen, Metallica, Dokken, Elton John, Steppan Wolf, Reba, Toby Keith, Dwight Yokum(twice), Ozzy, Triumph, Ratt, Accept, BB King, Heart, Skid Row, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sting, Toni Braxton, Kenny G, Ugly Kid Joe, and more I just can't remember right now.

Friday, November 07, 2003

I thought this would be easier!

Ok, I am so close to getting my first pattern published, but what is stopping me? How about an 18 month old that likes to play with everything she isn't supposed to while I try to work! First it's Daddy's stereo(she has already broken a $5000 amp!) and now it is in the Baking Dish cupboard- the one that is all glass bowls and such!

All I have to do is take a picture of the Sampler's, download them and turn that into a front page for the pattern. Sure, when piggies fly! I am going to have to wait for someone else to be home, so that I can try to do this. DH said he would help me, but he has to stop working long enough to do this.

Guess I better enjoy her while I can! She won't be this little for to long. Besides, her sisters are already in their teenage years, and her brother is to busy playing with his friends to keep me company. Time to cuddle the baby, and ask her to please put Daddy's paperwork back on the counter!

Until next time!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Alright! Something new to play with!

Hello! Just trying to get started here! You may have to put up with a few bumps and bruises while I figure this new toy out! Please be patient with a newbie!